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My Poetry Books

“Broken Pieces” is a collection of my poems which I had penned down, around two decades back, which sadly, though, were sitting on my bookshelf catching dust. After years of hesitation, I have finally decided to share them with you. These poems were written at a time in my life when I was pushed to the edge. That’s when I found these words. They have served me well; in healing my emotional wounds, which I say we all have our share of while travelling through our life’s paths. None of us are immune to it, but then at the end, we need to remind ourselves that “a luminous ray of hope awaits at the other end.” Though my verses do not fit any particular style of poetry writing (contemporary or traditional) you will find them very easy to comprehend and connect to. This book is the first in the anthology series; I look forward to our long-term association through this journey...... I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I didwriting them. Avallaible @ and FlipKart Dr. Gowher Yusuf

“Unspoken Words” is the second book in my anthology series. I look forward to our continued association through this journey. Though my poems do not have any meter or rhyme and do not fit into the traditional or the new formalism styles, you will find them very easy to understand and bond with. They are simple, directly from the depth of my heart. Emotions that have turned into words and have filled the blank pages of my life, giving meaning and substance to my very being. If you have read my previous collection “Broken Pieces”, you will notice that my verses have matured in their presentation and content. They are now more diverse, touching. “Where Else?” is about the silent plea of ailing kids and the value of time is unveiled in one of my favorite verses “So Is Time”. I write about various societal, emotional, and psychological issues: abuse, domestic violence, body image, anxiety, depression, fear, grief, etc. I hope you take pleasure in reading them as much as I did penning them. Dr.Gowher Yusuf

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